Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Flashlight turns 30 Juried Anniversary Exhibition

Recently UNLV had an exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the installation of the Flashlight, by Claes Oldenburg and Coojse Van Bruggen.

The theme was: "Respond to Flashlight with an original work of art. We are looking for your response be it an interpretation, adaptation, modification, alteration, incorporation, deviation, transformation…"
I did 3 entries. A diptych oil painting, a wire sculpture (inspired by Alexander Calder) and a collage/painting (using the escort cards found on the Las Vegas Strip).

I won 2nd place for the wire sculpture, her are judge's comment:
 This person took time to craft an object which looks like a 3-d drawing of the flashlight where the negative spaces have as much to say as the positive ones. I am hopeful that this sculpture looks as good in person.

Below are photos of the actual monumental sculpture, and my artworks.

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