Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Appuie sur le Champignon


I was inspired to create a poster based on a phrase my French friend David told me: “Appuies sur le champignon.” It literally means “Step on the mushroom” but translates to “Put the pedal to the metal.” I thought this would look good in a kid’s bedroom, to help them get out of bed in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Really great poster. Is this is something that you are selling somewhere?

xenos said...

thanks for the explanation! it just makes the illustration even better! i am glad i clicked on your link at illustration mundo's 100 page...

Eric Barclay said...

Wonderful character and design

Shirley said...

Love the saying. Your work is wonderful! fresh. Great that you've shown your sketches as well!

CH2P said...

hi there

nice stuff indeed
but should be written APPUIE with no S in french

I really like your blog
feel free to check out mine

(Mondorama 2000 is dedicated to vintage colour illustrations taken from
french childrens encyclopedias (1950's to 1970's)
hope you like it

TheSeakiwi said...

I loved seeing the process :) amazing!