Monday, July 13, 2009

New Style #10: Drink To Your Health

Finally got to double digits on the new style. Here is something I've been working on, for an article that I saw in Sunset Magazine called:
"Drink to your health; Stop in for a tea tasting at the new breed of bar opening up across the West."

Drink to your health v.1
Drink to your health v.1

I reduced the size of the head at the behest of my rep. I still kind of like the larger head. Tell me which one you like better in the comments.

A little background on the caduceus (that intertwined snake/medical symbol) with tea leaves (instead of feathers). I based it on Haitian voodoo symbols, called "veve's"



Steve Haskamp said...

Beautiful! I do think I like the smaller head.

Amy Fontes said...

I like the smaller head too. Keeps focus on the teacup.

suzie said...

small head.

onĂ­rica said...

nice place have a drink!