Monday, April 28, 2008 Derby Motherhood Entry

Meowbot 3000: entry
My second attempt for the Theme: Motherhood.

I know robots are big on Woot, and me and a friend were joking around about having a cat feeding a robot, and the image kind of stuck in my head.

Vote here if you have a woot account. or leave a comment on there:

I got Honorable Mention again.
quote: Meowbot 3000 by redcoulter
Who needs artificial intelligence when you've got artificial cuteness?
I ended up with 115 votes, 30th place.

I got a mention on as well:
quote: ..And Mine
There's too many already but have to at least mention RedCoulter's cute/weird "MeowBot 3000"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Woot Shirt Derby: Turtle Rage

Turtle Rage

Here is my first submission for the woot shirt derby theme: Motion
Vote for it here if you have every used woot.

So in the final I got 51 votes, 90th place. Which was pretty disheartening considering the crap that got more votes. But I ended up being in the Woot editors first every honorable mention category. Basically stuff they thought was good that lost.
Turtle Rage by redcoulter
Atomic Age awesomeness, from somebody who likes all the right children's books.