Monday, April 28, 2008 Derby Motherhood Entry

Meowbot 3000: entry
My second attempt for the Theme: Motherhood.

I know robots are big on Woot, and me and a friend were joking around about having a cat feeding a robot, and the image kind of stuck in my head.

Vote here if you have a woot account. or leave a comment on there:

I got Honorable Mention again.
quote: Meowbot 3000 by redcoulter
Who needs artificial intelligence when you've got artificial cuteness?
I ended up with 115 votes, 30th place.

I got a mention on as well:
quote: ..And Mine
There's too many already but have to at least mention RedCoulter's cute/weird "MeowBot 3000"


andi butler said...


a : )

mike r baker said...

That's absurd!!! This is clearly the best t-shirt ever!

Nicole Candy said...

This is really a nice post on motherhood, thank you for posting it, i am totally impressed!

Nicole using Medela symphony these days.