Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shirt.woot.com Editor's Choice

I did a design for shirt.woot.com's derby theme: Motion awhile back. I didn't win, but I got an honorable mention. Then they had another derby with the honorable mentions from various themes, and I still didn't win. But apparently the editors at woot liked it enough to produce it.

The shirts are $10 the first day, and $15 the next. So get yours now! Click here

Some of my favorite comments from the forum on this shirt:

The 'cuteness' factor in most of these shirts is overwhelming, sugary, sticky.
Do you guys actually WEAR precious pink baby turtles???
How about some tees with testosterone? Grow a pair!

this style of illustration or maybe its the colors, something makes me quite uncomfortable

The best one:

Someone at Woot must have REALLY liked this shirt, considering it didn't even get 100 votes in its original derby and the double-take derby COMBINED...


April H said...

Just wanted to say that I love the design. In fact, it's the only shirt I've ever bought at woot!. Sadly, I won't be keeping it for myself, but rather giving it to my niece, whose sunny personality contains just enough sarcastic darkness to find this design as awesome as I do. (Also, thanks for making it a design that she can safely wear to school. They're really strict with dress code nowadays.)

Zenne said...

I found this blog post while wearing the shirt. :D