Friday, July 18, 2008

DR map in process

I'm working on a map of the Dominican Republic to try my hand at some map illustration.*
I lived in the Dominican Republic for a over 2 years 1993-1995 in the Peace Corps.

I'm trying out a few different things. I especially want to do some hand lettering. I got some new brush pens from

Also, I'm trying to incorporate some fake halftoning too.

I'm still working on some new lettering. Then I need to do some small illustrations for the various cities and regions.

*I used to work at a company called ESRI, that makes GIS software. I was a graphic designer there. But when my friends from high school asked me dad what kind of work I was doing, he said "John is making maps." So its been a running joke for over 10 years, where they ask me if I still am making maps.

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Dr. Diabolical Dave Savage said...

Looking really good. LOVE the blue Santo Domingo type. You're a regular cartographer.